How To Pay For Dubai Car Parking Through SMS (Updated 2024)

Dubai is known for its infrastructure and incredible implementation of the law, making it one of the safest cities in the world. One of the strategies of Dubai’s government to maintain the status quo is to impose hefty fines on those who violate the law. These laws regulate every aspect of the life of citizens and tourists, keeping the city safe and enjoyable. While Dubai has a lot of traffic, it is regulated and thus remains free of congestion most of the time.

Again, hefty fines are the main reasons that deter citizens and tourists from indulging in practices that can cause harm or inconvenience to others. That said, the Government of Dubai has also ensured that law-abiding citizens do not experience any inconvenience in following the law. Dubai’s parking infrastructure is one of the best examples of why the city is so well-managed. 

Paying for parking tickets cannot be easier, and it is not an exaggeration. You can pay for the parking via SMS, WhatsApp, and even a smartphone application. While all three are quite convenient, paying with SMS is more common in Dubai. So, if you are visiting Dubai and don’t know how to pay for parking tickets, this piece will help you.


mParking is a service launched by the roads and transport authority of Dubai to facilitate users in payment of their parking tickets. You can use this service if you have Du or Etisalat sim cards and get your parking tickets without any hassle. 


You will have to follow these steps if you want to avail of RTA’s mParking service;

Identify Parking Zone

The first thing you need to do is to identify the parking zone you are in. All parking spaces have a paid-parking sign placed on the footpath that has all the details you need.  The parking zones are divided into three categories, including commercial, non-commercial, and special parking zones. Parking in non-commercial zones costs about 2 AED an hour, while it is about 4 AED an hour for commercial spaces. The fee for a special parking zone is 10 AED per hour.

You will have to pay parking tickets if you are parking the car in these zones between 8 am to 10 pm. There will not be any parking charges during the rest of the hours, and if it is public holidays or Sundays, you do not have to pay the charges even between the designated time slots.

The parking zones are named in Alphabetical order ranging from A to K, and each of these zones has parking spots represented in numerical order, which is what you need to look for while parking a car in these zones.

Generate The SMS 

To generate the SMS and pay for parking tickets, you must know the parking slot, zone, and registration plate number of the vehicle you are driving. People who drive cars registered in RTA do not have to remember the registration number of their vehicles. The format for those who have their vehicles registered in RTA is different from those who have not. 

People with registered vehicles must write messages in the following format;

<Nickname><Space><Zone Number><Space><Duration>

You write your nickname in the process of registration. Also, the duration is the time you will need the parking for, and it must be written in hours. So, if you want to park in the 100th slot of parking zone A for one hour, this is how your SMS should look like;

Ali 100A 1

If you have hired rent a car with a driver in Dubai, you should ask the providers whether the vehicle is registered, and if it is, ask them about the nickname you should use while parking the car. 

People who are unregistered in the RTA database must use a different format, which is;

<Plate Number><Space><Zone Number><Space><Duration>

Everything else remains the same, except you have to replace the nickname with the plate number of the vehicle. So, if you want to park the car in the same slot in the same zone with a number plate A1234, this is how your SMS should look;

A1234 100A 1

Vehicles that are registered outside Dubai require a slightly different format. You must include the country or emirate code at the start of the message. So, if a vehicle is registered in Abu Dhabi, the SMS will look like the following;

AUH14 1234 100A 1


Once you have generated the SMS, send it to 7275 and await the response. In addition to parking charges, you will be charged 30 fillings for transaction charges. Be mindful that the service only works if you have enough balance, talk time, or SMS balance on your phone. So, keep the phone recharged if you want to use this service.

You will receive a virtual ticket if the transaction is processed, which includes details like plate number, zone, fee, and the time the parking fee is paid for.


Sometimes you will have to extend the parking time because otherwise, it can cost you a hefty fine. Fortunately, the process for that is quite simple. You will get a text from 7275, ten minutes before your ticket expiration, asking you whether you want to extend your parking time. Simply reply to the message “Y,” and the ticket will be extended. 


While SMS tickets are the most popular, citizens who are tourists can also pay the parking tickets via WhatsApp and a smart application. Save 00971-58-800-9090 in your contact and start chatting with a bot named Mahboub. You will be provided with the necessary information on how to pay for a parking ticket by Mahboub.

You can also use the RTA Dubai application, which unlocks other features. The app can be linked with the PlayStore, HUAWEI AppGallery, and Apple Store, which already have your banking information related to them. It will either deduct the parking fee from your phone balance or from the account that is linked with the app store.

Although it is not a hassle, you can make it more convenient by hiring a professional Chauffeur service Dubai, which will take care of these charges. 


Not paying for parking tickets or violating other traffic rules in Dubai can set you back a decent amount. Fortunately, the authorities have made it as convenient as possible so you do not have to violate the rules. The parking fee can be paid via SMS, WhatsApp, and Smart Application by following very simple steps.

However, if you want to be worry-free about these tickets, hire professional services such as Vip Chauffeurs because they will take care of everything. It is the go-to service for car rental and airport transfer Dubai.

FAQs: How To Pay For Dubai Car Parking Through SMS

1. How do I pay for Dubai car parking through SMS?

    You can pay for Dubai car parking through SMS by sending a text message with your car’s plate number to the designated parking authority’s number

    What information do I need to include in the SMS for parking payment?

    In the SMS, include your car’s plate number, the parking zone number where you’re parked, and the duration you wish to pay for.

    How do I find out the parking zone number?

    The parking zone number is usually displayed on signage nearby or on the parking meter in the area where you parked.

    Can I pay for multiple hours/days of parking through SMS?

    Yes, you can pay for multiple hours or days of parking by specifying the duration in your SMS along with your car’s plate number and the parking zone number.

    Is there a specific format for the SMS when paying for parking?

    Yes, there is a specific format. It typically involves entering the car plate number, followed by a space, then the zone number, another space, and finally the duration of parking in hours or days.

    What if I make a mistake in the SMS or enter incorrect information?

    If you make a mistake in the SMS or enter incorrect information, you may receive a notification informing you of the error. You can then correct the mistake and resend the SMS.

    How will I know if my parking payment via SMS is successful?

    Upon successful payment, you will receive a confirmation SMS acknowledging the payment, along with details such as the duration paid for and the parking zone.

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